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Free Troubleshooting - Free Estimates

I never like billing people for something they could have easily fixed themselves. Some of the most common hot tub problems can often be solved over the phone with no need to pay for an on-site visit.

If I can't solve your problem over the phone, I can often diagnose the probable causes and send you preliminary, written estimates so you have some idea of what a repair might cost.

Visit the typical repair costs page for general informaiton.

Give me a call! Telephone tech support is absolutely free with no risk or obligation.

$75.00 Initial Inspection &Troubleshooting

Just because it can be fixed doesn't mean it should.

Like a car, a hot tub can reach a point where it's just worn out and things start breaking one after another. It can be hard to tell if you tub is a low-mileage, showroom classic or a high-mileage pile of parts loosely assembled in the shape of a hot tub.

You wouldn't put a new paint job on a car with a blown transmission. Don't spend money on a hot tub that isn't worth fixing.

Before you spend money on any one repair, I'll inspect, test and evaluate every system and every component so you have all the information you need to make the best repair decisions.

Every inspection also includes electrical safety, anti-entrapment and drowning prevention checks.

Initial Inspection & Troubleshooting is FREE if the total cost of parts & labor is more than $500 before sales tax.

$60.00 On-site Labor - Why Pay More and Get Less?

I actually prefer you watch while I work. Rather than dismiss you in your own backyard, I'm happy to explain everything I do every step of the way and answer any questions you might have about the problem or the repair.

I'll also answer any question you have about how to use and maintain the tub and give you time and money saving tips on chemistry and electrical efficiency.

Even if you've never owned a hot tub before, I can give you a complete orientation and owner education while I'm busy repairing your hot tub.

I guarantee you'll get a lot more value from an hour of my labor than a simple hot tub repair.

My wholesale parts supplier specializes in proprietary and hard-to-find parts for all major brands of portable hot tub:

Artesian • Baja • Beachcomber • Cal Spas • Caldera • Coast Spas • Coleman • Dimension One • Down East • Emerald Spas • Free Flow • Garden Leisure • Great Lakes Spas • Hawkeye • Hot Springs Spas • Hydro-Spa • Icon • Infinity • Image • Jacuzzi • La-Z-Boy • Marquis Spas • Nordic Hot Tubs • PDC • Proform • QCA • Saratoga • Sonoma • Strong • Sundance Hot Tubs• Sweetwater • Tiger River • Viking and many more..

I worked for this vendor for two years providing parts lookup, sales and technical support to other hot tub repair technicians working in the field so I can personally guarantee the quality of their parts and the way they do business..

If they don't already stock your parts on the shelf, they know where to get them.


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