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Hot Tub Repair

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Got Drought? Soak it Out.

Free Estimates*

If you just need a general idea of what it might cost to repair your hot tub, visit the Typical Repair Cost page.

E-mail and Text Estimates:

  1. Please, include the make, model and year if possible.
  2. Photos of the hot tub and equipment are always helpful.
  3. Explain what you know about the problem.

*Free Estimates are for general, information purposes only. Please, schedule a $75.00 On-site Troubleshooting & Inspection visit for guaranteed, written estimates.

Don't pour buckets of money into a hot tub that isn't worth fixing.

$75.00 On-Site Troubleshooting & Inspection

A simple estimate only tells you how much it will cost to fix a particular problem. It doesn't tell you if the tub is worth fixing or if your money will be well spent.

Free Estimate Sell Repairs

I conduct a complete inspection starting with electrical safety. I evaluate and test every system and component then provide a detailed, written report before offering an estimate. I'll give you all the information you need and answer all your questions so you can decide if a hot tub repair is the best choice.

Complete Inspection Sells   Expert Advice

Don't get soaked fixing one problem after another after anoter until you've spent enough money to buy a whole new hot tub.

Spend a little. Save a lot. Schedule a complete inspection and find out if it's worth fixing before you sepnd money on a major repair.

I work on all major hot tub and equipment brands:

Advanced Spa Design • Allegro/South Seas • AquaFlo • Artesian • Baja • Balboa • Barefoot • Beachcomber • Beachport • Bullfrog • Burboa •Cal Spa • Caldera • California Cooperage • Catalina • Charisma • Clearwater • Coast • Coleman • Columbia • Diamante • Dimension One • Dolphin • Dreammaker • Dynasty • Elite • Emerald • Garden Leisure • Gatsby • Gecko • Great Lakes • Hawkeye • Hot Springs • HydroQuip • HydroSpa • Icon • Image • Imperial • Infinity • Island • Jacuzzi • LA Spa • Laguna Bay • Leisure Bay • Life Spa • Maax • Marquis • Master Spas • Morgan • Nordic • PDC • Phoenix • Proform • Polynesian • QCA • Saratoga • Sunbelt • Sundance • Tiger River • Viking • Waterways • Weslo and many more...

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